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In my youth I was trained as an illustrator studying Visual Communication with David D. Ewart, although this would have given my career a head start and although I did pursue college for a time at the Denver Colorado Art Institute and had been doing extremely well- I dropped out and spent my time on the streets of Denver talking with some of the homeless and found part-time work at Tumbleweed Floral, an eclectic flower shop. After the winter I moved back to New Mexico and began volunteer work with fellow artist Goerge Salas at a Homeless Veterans Shelter. I joined the Marine Corps in 2003 and served until 2007. Afterward, I started my own business as a self-employed artist in California while working in the field of fine art as a studio assistant, gallery manager, and contractor for commissioned work. I moved back to New Mexico in 2010, and am continuing my career as a self-employed artist. 



professional artist, designer, & muralist 
Self-employed  2007 - present

I produce original works of fine art in a variety of mediums. I work primarily in 2-D in both traditional and digital media. I'm a certified Adobe Expert and am constantly learning new techniques in both the physical and digital studio. As an independent visual artist, my experience has far surpassed the predictable tasks of making and reproducing works of fine art and valuable graphic-design assets. I am constantly learning new and creative ways to particpate in the world through my art. These valuable creative strategies include: seamless marketing, visual communication and identification for both meaningful branding and symbolic works of fine art, portfolio building, original fine-art reproduction photography and scanning, live performance painting, atmospheric design, strategy development for building an engaging social network, and creative/thematic engineering.

Logo design / branding | Willie Oteri
The Shaman's Dream | Oil Fresco on Gypsum Panel | private art collector
YouTube Channel / Video Blog Launch & audio transcription | A Word With Willie Oteri
Video Interview / Videography / Video Editing | Willie Oteri & ZiADiA
Video Editing | Art Outside | Willie Oteri & Kenny Dorham's Backyard
Majestic Love | Wedding Portrait (Original Fine Art Painting) | private art collectors
Sun Ra Portrait | Original Fine Art, painted live on stage | Kenny Dorham's Backyard | private art collector
Eric Dolphy Portrait | Original Fine Art, painted live on stage | Kenny Dorham's Backyard | private art collector
Live Performance Painting | Art Outside : A Special Jazz Outside Event | Willie Oteri Acoustic & ZiADiA
Merchandise Design & Production | Bebe La La & ZiADiA
2015 Band Poster Design & Production | Bebe La La
Videography / Editing / Interview | A Visit to the Chocolate Dude | ZiADiA , Bebe La La, & The Chocolate Dude
Videography / Editing / YouTube Channel Release | Bebe La La Jam Session | Bebe La La
Videography / Editing | Kickstarter Promotional Video | Ya' Gotta Have Harp & ZiADiA
The Oath | Oil on Panel Original Fine Art Painting | private art collectors
Ceiling Mural / private Home / private art collectors
Fireplace Mural / private Home / private art collectors
Faux Finishing / private home / private art collectors
Videography / Editing / YouTube Channel launch | Behind the Canvas starring Gary Gist | Painted Neverlands
Portfolio Building / Print-Photography & C.O.A. production | Gary Gist & Painted Neverlands
My Grandsons | charcoal on paper, a family portrait | private art collector
Journeys of Saint Pasha | large-scale pet portrait triptych | private art collectors
The Eighth Fool | mixed media on paper, original fine art | private art collector
The Phantom Carnival | custom large-scale reproduction | private art collector
Of Knowledge | Oil on Canvas, original fine art painting | private art collector
The Gift | Oil on Canvas, original fine art painting | private art collector
My Soul | licensing for reproduction | Indigo Whispers, Australia
Electric Desire | Album Cover Design | Matt Presti's Electric Desire
Ascension of the Soul | Oil on Canvas, triptych, original fine art | private art collector
Golden Lead | oil on canvas, original fine art | private art collector
Locked Doors | Oil on Canvas, symbolic original fine art | private art collector
Italian Mural on Stucco | private court yard | private art collector
Dishwasher Mural | decorative kitchen design printed on dishwasher door | private art collector
Pangaea | Oil on Panel, original fine art painting | private art collector
Home | Oil on Canvas, Symbolic Original Fine Art | private art collectors
Live Painting | Oceanside Art Gallery | with Joe Villela
My Soul | mixed media on paper, original fine art | private art collector
Klaus | a commemorative pet portrait | private art collector
Live Portrait Drawing | Coronado Skate Park, Albuquerque NM | learning live with David D. Ewart
Atmospheric Color Fields (specialty wall-painting) | private home | private art collectors
Family of Wolves : Symbolic Family Portrait | private home | private art collectors
Southwest Landscape mural on stucco | private fountain court yard | private art collector

Field wireman, switchboard operator, & fiber optic technician 
United States Marine Corps  2003 - 2007

I was responsible for installing telephone and switchboard systems, laying wire and cable, adjusting equipment for proper operation, recovering wire, locating wire system faults, and operating switchboards. My tasks included the installation, termination, and repair of telecommunication lines including: copper lines, CAT5 Ethernet cable, and Fiber lines, all in a field environment. I served in Iraq, locating faults in LAN networks, installing and repairing fiber optic cables and providing O.T.D.R. testing and fusion splicing to maintain our network communications systems.


 Education & Certification


I'm a self-taught visual artist. I have learned and continue to learn from fellow professionals both in and out of accredited institutions. In my youth I was taken under the wing of David D. Ewart who gave me two in-depth summers of Visual Communication philosophy and rigorous traditional training in Naturalism. I've studied at the Denver Colorado Art Institution. I've studied briefly with Lance Richlin in Los Angeles, California learning wet on wet oil-blending techniques. I've studied a variety of techniques in a series of intensive classes taught by Jennifer Lynn Johnson. I've participated in fantastic workshops with Guy Aitchison, Hannah Aitchison, and Nick Baxter. I have a lifetime membership at the Central New Mexico Community College Art Club where I participate in their fantastic ongoing workshops. 

Central New Mexico Community College | Studio Art
2014 Associate of Arts
Adobe Certified Expert | Photoshop CS6
Adobe Certified Expert | Illustrator CS6
Associated Technical College
2006 Telecommunications Technology
Marine Corps | Communication & Electronics
2004 Field Wireman




Visual Communication

Theories in visual communication were originally taught to me by my first mentor, David D. Ewart. I continue to expand on them to incorporate all of the strange facts I find that result from experiments and research in neuroscience, psychology and marketing, and everything I can gain from the research of Margaret Livingstone, and the wacky intrigue of cultural translations in symbolism. My skills in visual communication help me find effective creative solutions for any range of graphic needs from logos to visual public statements to endearing private works of fine art.


Portfolio Building

I photograph and/or scan original works of art. I prepare the digital renditions for both printing and web services, including watermarking. I use the same digital files to assemble a Certificate of Authenticity, to print, sign, and fingerprint by the artist for the Art Collector. Each C.O.A. is attached to the back of the painting or saved in an envelope to be shipped to the gallery along with the original work of art. I also offer online gallery SEO services finding relevant hashtags and keywords for each work of art, writing a description, file-name, alt and title tags, dimension and medium data for each original work of art to be ready for hosting. I can also upload and incorporate all of this data to any online gallery (FineArtAmerica, ArtSlant, etc) as well as photograph and prepare the artist professional head-shots and action shots for their profiles and Bio pictures, and more. (Edit articles and biographies, conduct interviews for both articles, audio, transcription, and video interviews that I can also edit and publish on YouTube.) I can also offer a seminar and presentation to artists to teach any of these skills to individuals or groups.


Creative and Thematic Engineering

I've been doing creative and thematic engineering since 2011 with fellow artist Miko Zen. It's a process that began in our conversations and debates and has evolved into exciting and beneficial brainstorming meetings that elaborate on abstract themes or notions, and design networks that can grow and flourish as successful pursuits for websites, marketing plans, events, product lines, and more.

Social Marketing Stratagem and Consultation

I can provide consultation and instruction on utilizing  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media tools for professionals and businesses. 




I've participated in exhibitions for 7 years across 3 states: California, New Mexico, and Texas. I've shown and sold work through both galleries, businesses, and independent venues during events. During these exhibitions, my works have sold to private collectors, public figures, and local celebrities. 




 Exhibition with Miko Zen.
Art Outside.
 Kenny Dorham's Backyard. Austin, TX.
 Exhibition with Miko Zen.
Zia Flower.
 Java Joe's. Albuquerque, NM.
 Exhibition with Miko Zen.
Death on Tap.
 Slice Parlor. Albuquerque, NM.
 Exhibition with Nathan Perry.
Plato’s Cave.
 Griffin Gallery. Albuquerque, NM.
 Solo Exhibition.
Vaporous Visions. 
 Fusion Kings. Rio Rancho, NM.
 Group Exhibition.
Known Unknowns. 
 Downtown Contemporary Gallery. Albuquerque, NM.
 Group Exhibition. 
The Chapel. 
 Oro Art Gallery. Albuquerque, NM.
 Group Exhibition. 
 Alexander Salazar Fine Art. San Diego, CA.
 Group Exhibition. 
A Celebration of Artists. 
 Carlsbad Art District Gallery. Carlsbad, CA.
 Group Exhibition. 
Colors of Africa. 
 Oceanside Art Gallery. Oceanside, CA.
 Group Exhibition.
 JC Gallery & Studio. Oceanside, CA.
 Group Exhibition.
11th Annual New Mexico Veteran's Art Show. 
 State Fair Grounds. Albuquerque, NM.



 1st & 3rd Place Awards. 

11th Annual New Mexico Veteran's Art Show.

 Excellence in Visual Arts. Scholarship Award. 

Rio Rancho High School. Rio Rancho, NM.

 Special Congressional Recognition.
Congressman Tom Udall. 
 An Artistic Discovery. NM.



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