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Visual Communication

Theories in visual communication were originally taught to me by my first mentor, David D. Ewart. I continue to expand on them to incorporate all of the strange facts I find that result from experiments and research in neuroscience, psychology and marketing, and everything I can gain from the research of Margaret Livingstone, and the wacky intrigue of cultural translations in symbolism. My skills in visual communication help me find effective creative solutions for any range of graphic needs from logos to visual public statements to endearing private works of fine art.


Portfolio Building

I photograph and/or scan original works of art. I prepare the digital renditions for both printing and web services, including watermarking. I use the same digital files to assemble a Certificate of Authenticity, to print, sign, and fingerprint by the artist for the Art Collector. Each C.O.A. is attached to the back of the painting or saved in an envelope to be shipped to the gallery along with the original work of art. I also offer online gallery SEO services finding relevant hashtags and keywords for each work of art, writing a description, file-name, alt and title tags, dimension and medium data for each original work of art to be ready for hosting. I can also upload and incorporate all of this data to any online gallery (FineArtAmerica, ArtSlant, etc) as well as photograph and prepare the artist professional head-shots and action shots for their profiles and Bio pictures, and more. (Edit articles and biographies, conduct interviews for both articles, audio, transcription, and video interviews that I can also edit and publish on YouTube.) I can also offer a seminar and presentation to artists to teach any of these skills to individuals or groups.


Creative and Thematic Engineering

I've been doing creative and thematic engineering since 2011 with fellow artist Miko Zen. It's a process that began in our conversations and debates and has evolved into exciting and beneficial brainstorming meetings that elaborate on abstract themes or notions, and design networks that can grow and flourish as successful pursuits for websites, marketing plans, events, product lines, and more.

Social Marketing Stratagem and Consultation

I can provide consultation and instruction on utilizing  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media tools for professionals and businesses. 



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