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I'm a self-taught visual artist. I have learned and continue to learn from fellow professionals both in and out of accredited institutions. In my youth I was taken under the wing of David D. Ewart who gave me two in-depth summers of Visual Communication philosophy and rigorous traditional training in Naturalism. I've studied at the Denver Colorado Art Institution. I've studied briefly with Lance Richlin in Los Angeles, California learning wet on wet oil-blending techniques. I've studied a variety of techniques in a series of intensive classes taught by Jennifer Lynn Johnson. I've participated in fantastic workshops with Guy Aitchison, Hannah Aitchison, and Nick Baxter. I have a lifetime membership at the Central New Mexico Community College Art Club where I participate in their fantastic ongoing workshops. 

Central New Mexico Community College | Studio Art
2014 Associate of Arts
Adobe Certified Expert | Photoshop CS6
Adobe Certified Expert | Illustrator CS6
Associated Technical College
2006 Telecommunications Technology
Marine Corps | Communication & Electronics
2004 Field Wireman



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