Contemplate the power of brainstorming

Every Mind is Uniquely Creative

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I'm going to posit a model for a mind and then use that model to explain how we can experience brainstorms with a fusion power fueling creative and thematic engineering.

If you’re reading this than you probably realize that at some point our ancestors agreed on what to pair a repeatable sound with.

Are you really challenged with having ideas or have some of us learned a psychological technique that others of us have been taught we simply don't possess? Any entrepreneur knows that having ideas isn't enough, our creativity needs to extend to innovation to be substantial in reality.

Try this: write a word down, the first word that comes to mind. Now cover it up. Write down another word, it doesn’t have to be related just any word that comes to mind. Now cover it up. Write another word down. Now look at all three of your words and start thinking of answers to the following question:

What are two totally different ways these things are related to each other?

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