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Let's Talk About Why You Want to Expand Your Online Presence

Imagine that first cup of coffee on a Monday morning. Imagine that this is a morning you woke up early, to leisurely ready your mind for the week ahead, doing what you always wanted to be doing as a professional. You can probably still imagine picking up the morning paper to read the headline, but what if the front page featured an article about you and your business? How would that benefit you? 

You may snicker and think, "Well, that depends on what they wrote!" Of course you'd be right. Without fantasizing about scandals or getting into the debate over whether or not even infamy beats anonymity, let's imagine that what was written was an exciting behind the scenes look at your greatest works. As you're reading this, I don't know what the statistics will be on the number of people still reading the morning paper, but I'm sure those numbers are going up for the number of fellow professionals who are getting their news online.

Our access to data has been completely transformed by the internet, and especially by the advent of social networks. There was a time when our ability to share our services with others possessed the obvious limitations of distance and communication access. What you may not realize is that exactly the same factors limit who we can share our services with today, so much that you might be thinking "What limits?"

Where's the Front Page Now?

For some of us the front page of our newspaper is still the same, but for nearly all of us it's also a combination of Google's search box and the first string of keywords that pop into our head. For some it's their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram feed. 

...And the notion of finding a headline featuring an exciting look at your greatest works is not at all far-fetched.

If you're a professional then there's a high likelihood that you've been asked at least once, and experienced some level of frustration with the following questions: 

  • Do you have a website?
  • Are you on Facebook?
  • Are you on Twitter?
  • Have you heard of Instagram?
  • Have you tried Pinterest?
  • Are you on LinkedIn?

If that list didn't drive you away, then take a deep breath and give this article five more minutes. You don't have to jump on all of these, you don't have to live on any one of these, and you don't even have to manage these yourself because there are plenty of management teams available to help your business land in today's new front pages. What you do need to know is why you'd want to be in the paper.

Imagine Your Good News

This exercise isn't about imagining yourself as one of the ads in this morning's paper, it's about imagining what a curious journalist would want to write about the exciting or interesting work you do, and how your business is relevant to others. The more you become aware of your own value, the less daunting any amount of exposure will become.  

If you feel that there's not much to say or that you aren't doing anything interesting, then try this exercise. Imagine that the most curious, bright-eyed kid you've ever met walks into your studio or office and starts asking questions. Unless you're a condescending person who despises everyone you've ever met, then this exercise can lead to the beginning of every post you ever share on any social network.

I hope this realization helps you feel more excited and inspired to share your work, your experiences, your knowledge, and your services with the world.

Thanks for reading.

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