The Birth of Eve

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Atmosphere becoming flesh. 

The Birth of Eve was a painting that went through several stages of labor. Initially I had liked the abstract background that I had created more than the piece I had began to paint over it. It's filled with reds and golds. I made it by drumming the paint onto the canvas with my hands, in dim light from the window and candlelight.

I brought the panel to 3rd Street Arts to paint from a live model for the very first time in my life. I struggled to paint her. I didn't finish in time and had the beginnings of a black and white painting of a woman sitting as I had seen her in real life. To study the anatomical structure of what I had been looking at, I went back in and began adding bones where I thought they would be.

This was before I had begun to keep my oils in a freezer and I had a palette with some paint that had begun oxidizing. I picked up a palette knife and began putting this gummy paint over her body like flesh. During the process I began to feel my emotions, a lot of anger and frustration from years and years of being a woman.

That's how Eve was born.

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