Rachel's Land

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This began as a portrait of Rachel, painted from life. I tried looking at a picture of her to finish it but it never worked for me, it was never as beautiful as she was while she didn't want to be holding still. She was eating popcorn while she posed, and she'd carefully wait until nobody was looking and sneak another kernal into her mouth and then carefully chew it while we painted. She knew I knew and kept looking at me smiling because she saw me laughing about it while I worked. I couldn't get it right, but her profile was right.

I turned the painting sideways one day and realized it was a landscape. Then I tried to make it as warm and glowing as she was. I had no idea she would die so young. I think she was 12 when I painted this. She was 16 when she left us. I wish that I could see her again. 

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