DMT molecule, a digital painting by KD Neeley

DMT Molecule

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( I make wall decorations for a living I am not a doctor.) I've never had an experience from consuming dimethyltryptamine in the form of a drug. There was a time that I had wished to try it but after learning more about it I don't feel that inducing that journey via drug use is either desirable or necessary. However, if I ever become dangerously suicidal again I think I should remember to consider it because I imagine it would help diminish suicidal tendencies. As so many other powerful substances humanity has developed the capacity to formulate, it should be used as medicine with care and purpose and not for mere recreation.
The ways in which scientists have described the effects of DMT on perception and have detected DMT occurring naturally in the body lead me to believe that I have indeed had plenty of experience with it throughout my entire life. I have always had vivid and memorable dreams. It's only been recently that I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia and have come to realize and accept that there are things that I hear and see that are not part of reality; waking dreams intermixed with only my reality. Even during sleep I must work diligently upon waking to sort out the plausibility of what must be a dream and what is in fact a memory. I continue to record the majority of my conversations for this very reason and often use a recording device to detect if what I am hearing is real or not when I'm alone. If the meter moves it's real, if the meter aught to move and doesn't I'm having an auditory hallucination. Most of them are auditory and usually occur between sleep and wake, under stress, or when I am exhausted. I think that this is the connection between schizophrenic symptoms and anxiety as well as between schizophrenic symptoms and PTSD and why it is that anxiety reducing substances are useful in treating schizophrenia.
There are reported experiences, considered DMT overdose (although I have not seen a consistent amount nor ratio specified) that insist too much DMT will cause either no memory of the experience or a particularly terrifying journey. This idea seems plausible to me because of our capacity to forget particularly terrible memories throughout our lives in order to preserve sanity. If this effect is due to overdose it could mean that people who don't remember their dreams produce more DMT. It would be a curious study to measure natural DMT levels along with dream conditions to detect any relationship between the amount of DMT naturally occurring in a person and their ability to remember their dreams. If hardly any DMT is produced the hypothesis would be that the person didn't dream (and REM would not have occurred). There may be a relationship between the amount of DMT produced and the quality of sleep experienced.

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