The Crucible is an oil painting by Albuquerque's KD Neeley

The Crucible


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'The Crucible' is a metaphysical realism painting by Albuquerque artist KD Neeley.

This is a love story. Romance takes place in a metaphysical crucible, a kiln, a furnace. Lovers are in a fire together, melting into each other and changing one another as they discover each other and themselves. Each person pulls their lover into themself and is transformed by that new material. This kiln is also Plato's cave and we can only see shadows of each other flickering in the light of our experiences together. This interaction is a journey for each person and all stillness is an illusion. Everything is in motion. Everything is changing and reacting and being recreated and transformed. In the end, we become the ashes of stardust. 


Our children play on the outskirts of our influence, creating new things from the debris of adults. 

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