Gaia is an oil painting by Albuquerque's KD Neeley


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Gaia is a metaphysical realism painting of the Earth depicted as a womb bearing life. 34" x 34" inches, oil on canvas. 

The Original is available for purchase, contact me for inquiry. 

This isn't just a metaphor, it is true and this child will die without interference. The world is a being. A being is made of beings within beings. We are all crawling with them. They live on us and in us. They make us sick and they keep us alive. What will become of us? What will we become? What are we birthing together? 


I think that eating is the most intimate relationship that we each have. As a friend of mine once said, "You are what you don't shit." I laughed and laughed. 


It doesn't begin with our mother's breastmilk. It begins with everything she ate while we grew inside of her, and even before we had a place to grow it began with everything she was fed before we came into being. Nothing is more intimate than eating. Eating is our first and truest love. Hunger is our first desire. Food is the real economy of culture. Food is the primary influence behind everything we do and everything we affect. 


Once you are conscious of this reality you can change and empower yourself by transforming your decisions based on the nature of cause and effect.

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