The Eighth Fool

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This piece was inspired by the song 'Walk on the Ocean' by Toad The Wet Sprocket. Some of the lyrics go, "Walk on the ocean, step on the stones, flesh becomes water, wood becomes bone" but what I always heard was, "Walk on the ocean, step on the storm, flesh becomes water, war becomes born." 

At the time I was also being inspired by pictures from the Venetian Carnival and I have always loved crows and ravens. I think I was also influenced by one of Madonna's music videos, 'Frozen', which I had actually seen while I was deployed in Iraq. It was on the share drive. I watched it over and over again. It's only just now that I notice the influence. So these, along with The Fool, were lurking in my subconcsious mind and came out in this piece. 

I wonder if one day we'll have technology that can analyze drawings and paintings and sketches and deduce all of the cultural influences that made their way into the artist's mind. 

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