The Hunter

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There are three hunters here. 

I made this for my father. It was inspired by 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. The landscape, sky, mountains, and trees are all referenced from a variety of beautiful photographs I looked to for guidance on constructing the landscape. It's a fantasy but I have heard from many that the place is real. Somewhere, landscapes like this one really do exist, with such mountains and trees and distant city lights aglow. The sunset here is inspired by the sunsets I see here in New Mexico. The only other place I've been where I've seen sunsets as beautiful as ours is New Zealand. There are plenty of places I have never been, and I have no doubt our skies get like this in many areas of our beautiful world. This is one of my very first oil paintings, made in a class I took at The Oceanside Art Gallery in California with Joe Villela. 

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