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In my youth I was trained as an illustrator studying Visual Communication with David D. Ewart, although this would have given my career a head start and although I did pursue college for a time at the Denver Colorado Art Institute and had been doing extremely well- I dropped out and spent my time on the streets of Denver talking with some of the homeless and found part-time work at Tumbleweed Floral, an eclectic flower shop. After the winter I moved back to New Mexico and began volunteer work with fellow artist Goerge Salas at a Homeless Veterans Shelter. I joined the Marine Corps in 2003 and served until 2007. Afterward, I started my own business as a self-employed artist in California while working in the field of fine art as a studio assistant, gallery manager, and contractor for commissioned work. I moved back to New Mexico in 2010, and am continuing my career as a self-employed artist. 



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