Art Call 505

Want to be a Featured Artist in an Upcoming Exhibition?

April's Fools Entry Fee

20.00$20.00 each


art call Aprils Fools

$20 Entry fee includes up to four entries. 

Theme: The Event will feature stand up performances by local Albuquerque comedians including Sarah Cummings and Royal Wood, with an open mic beginning. Looking for artwork that is humorous or satiric in nature, portraits of comedians are also welcome.

The Submission Form and Image instructions will be emailed to you after your payment is processed through PayPal.


Artwork must be ready to hang. 

Any winning entry will be subject to a standard 50% gallery sales commission in the event that it is sold. 
Each entrant is allotted up to four image submissions and three details for each. 
All images must be in .jpg format. 
All works must be for sale. 

The artist is responsible for ALL shipping costs including return shipping of all unsold work and import/export duties and taxes.

Schedule and Agreement for Winning Entries


Artist agrees that winning entries will be delivered to the gallery from 10am-6pm on Wednesday March 25th or shipped to the gallery to be delivered by Monday, March 26th.

Artist agrees that work will hang on display from 03/27/2018 to 05/25/2018, unless sold to a collector at which time the collector may take the original art upon payment completion. 

Artist agrees that all unsold work will be picked up from the gallery on Saturday May 26th, 2018 from 10am-6pm.

The fund-raiser Event will be held from 7pm-10pm on Sunday April 1st, 2018. Artist is not required to attend unless otherwise agreed for purposes of  scheduled participation.

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