The KD Neeley Art Gallery and Event Center

Policy for Representation at the KD Neeley Gallery

For Non Profits and Fundraisers:

All too often, and even at all is too often, charities ask artists to donate their work for the sake of mere exposure. This is, in the opinion of the KD Neeley Art Gallery, unethical. Artists need to make a living and we live in a capitalist society. That means that artists need to get paid for their work and it's the responsibility of those who agree with this fact to uphold it as a practice. The KD Neeley Art Gallery and Event Center will NOT represent any charity that takes advantage of artists. That means when the artwork is auctioned or offered for sale to raise funds for the charity, the artist MUST also be paid some percentage of the sale. What the artist is paid is negotiable, but that the artist is paid is not negotiable. If the artist wishes to donate their proceeds to the charity, that is perfectly fine, but the artist must be paid first. Exposure does not feed an artist nor pay an artist's rent. Please help stop the practice of taking advantage of artists.


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