The Neeley Arts, LLC Event Center is located on 4th st between Central and Copper

Event Center

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Come on in,

Stay a while and look out these windows called art. This place isn’t just a gallery and it isn’t just my studio, it’s a place meant to gather people for a cause; an Event Center. This is a space meant to bring people together from all walks of life to learn from one another. I designed this space to host fund raisers. Every fund raiser is also a themed art exhibition. My vision is to bring the work of local artists to a cause and to bring our local leaders to the people who need and want their guidance, knowledge, council, and entertainment. This space is a for-profit business designed to support non-profit organizations, community projects, and local talent. It’s a dynamic place where artists, intellectuals, free thinkers, and people from every walk of life, every political color, religion and creed can meet to listen to one another and enjoy the most vibrant creative forces flooding Albuquerque.

A Note Regarding Age Restriction

While I intend my studio/gallery/event center to be a forum for community action I’ve decided to restrict entrance according to age so that I won’t have to deal with upset parents who may not have realized that, at times (especially during The Erotica Show), there will be mature content on display and discussed openly in the gallery space.

18My own artwork often contains both nudity and medical-illustrative qualities and I will often be working on a live painting that may not be appropriate for all ages according to some beliefs. For this reason I have a sign on my door restricting entrance to adults only. However, if you are a parent and wish your children to be present in the gallery with you they are more than welcome. Understand that awkward questions may arise from the content of some works of art, if that doesn’t intimidate you as a parent then by all means bring the whole family!